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Driving home from work

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I was driving home from work yesterday through Bells Corners when I saw a man and woman on the sidewalk waiting for a bus, (or maybe to cross the street, not sure which)... anyways, as I drove past them I saw that she was crying... really crying... like wiping the streaming tears from her face with her whole hand kind of crying... while he was just standing there. I was past them in a split second but my heart went out to her, and the image of her stayed with me.

When I got home I decided to go out for a walk. As I was walking down the sidewalk I saw that up ahead a bit there was a lady who had just helped someone out of a car and was helping them very slowly towards the house. At first I thought she was helping an elderly person by the way they were moving, but as I got closer I realized it was actually a young person with a (shaved) bald head, like someone undergoing cancer treatment... 

It struck me as a bit odd that I would see these two things one right after the other like that. Both of them moved me, and made me feel deeply grateful for all of the little things in my life and the people in it. It's easy to forget that everyone around us has their own story... their own heartbreak and triumphs and fears and pain. 

I remember when I was a little girl we would travel by car back and forth between the Toronto area and Ottawa, and as we would pass through the little villages along Hwy7 I would see children playing out on lawns and men unloading delivery trucks. I would wonder about their families and their lives... even though they had their own little world, totally separate from mine, I still felt connected to them. 

I really believe that if we could know someone's story just by looking at them, we'd all be a little nicer to each other. The true test is not knowing, and being kind anyways...

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Rubber boots

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I've always trusted my intuition. And yet, I have to admit, I don't always listen to it. Sometimes I rationalize it away, or I second-guess myself. I really should know better by now.

I was heading out the door to pick up my son after school one day and saw his rubber boots sitting beside the door. I should grab his rubber boots and bring them with me. The thought came out of nowhere and made me stop abruptly. I looked outside. The sun was shining... why would I need to bring his rubber boots with me? I was picking him up and then heading to the store to do some shopping. Suddenly, all I could picture was him clunking around the store in his big rubber boots. The thought seemed ridiculous to me... and even though a part of me still felt that I should bring them, I talked myself out of it. You would think I would have at least thrown them in the car 'just in case'. But no... by then I had convinced myself that I was just being silly.

And so I went to pick up my son only to discover that his shoes were soaking wet, because -as it then occurred to me- it had poured rain earlier that day!

I'm ever thankful for these little reminders that I should always listen to my inner voice, no matter how illogical it might seem to my rational mind. I find that the more I trust my intuition, the more it serves me. And luckily, I do tend to listen when the consequence is more than just a pair of squishy shoes...

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